About Us


Lisa M. Perry, Director/President

Lisa has a heart for returning citizens and encouraging them  to believe in themselves as children of God.  She believes everyone has  been given a talent by God (Matthew 25:14-30) and one day each of us  will be asked what have we done with our talents.  Lisa has been a  Yokefellowship Prison Ministry volunteer since November 2008 in Lehigh  County Jail and became Board Chairperson in October 2011.  She resigned  as Board Chairperson in December 2014 to focus on her "calling" of  re-entry.   On February 12, 2015, Second Chance Training Center, Inc. was registered as a non-profit corporation.  Also later in 2015 she started going back into Lehigh County Jail to  facilitate Bible studies, in December 2015 was voted back on the Board  and in May 2016 was voted in as Council Director of Yokefellowship  Prison Ministry Lehigh Valley Council.  Lisa resigned as Council Director on December 31, 2018, to totally  focus on the mission of Second Chance Training Center, Inc.

Ecclesiastes 3:1